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Date and Location

8th-10th June 2016

Waldhotel Zollernblick


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Invited speakers


       Prof. Dr. Ariane Briegel

       Institute of Biology

       Leiden University

       Leiden, Netherlands

I am professor in electron cryotomography and bacterial chemotaxis. In the Briegel lab, we are interested in understanding how microbes sense and respond to their environment. How are the cells able to actively seek out their preferred environmental niches, how can they effectively evade toxins and predators, and how can they adapt to thrive in changing environments?

In order to gain insight into the structure and function of the molecular complexes involved in these behaviors, we use electron cryotomography (ECT). This technique allows us to directly study microbes in their native state at resolutions capable of visualizing individual proteins.

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       Prof. Judith Mank

       Evolutionary and Comparative Biology

       University College London

       London, England


We are interested in understanding how selection produces variation in form, behavior and reproductive patterns. Using a variety of animals, we take advantage of natural variation, convergence, artificial selection and sexual selection. By integrating data from genomes and transcriptomes with natural history and behavioural ecology, we study the ways that selection navigates the restrictions imposed by genetic constraints and conflicts to create phenotypic diversity..

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       Prof. Dr. Karl Schmid

       University of Hohenheim

       Stuttgart, Germany

Our research focuses on analyzing genetic and phenotypic variation in wild relatives, land races and modern varieties of crop plants. We also develop strategies to utilize genetic variation in plant breeding programs. The main goal of our research is to understand how plants adapt to their environment and to identify genes that are responsible for adaptation.

To this end, we use evolutionary, genetic and bioinformatic approaches to detect natural selection in wild plant species and artificial selection by humans in crop plants.

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       Dr. Luiz Pedro Carvalho

       The Francis Crick Institute

       London, UK

Luiz was born and grew up in the south of Brazil and obtained degrees in Pharmacy (1994-1999) and M.Sc. (2000-2001) from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, in Porto Alegre. Luiz then moved to the US to pursued his PhD studies in the laboratory of John S. Blanchard, at the Biochemistry Department of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (2001-2006), in New York. He studied mechanistic enzymology, inhibition kinetics and protein chemistry, focusing on essential mycobacterial enzymes.

For postdoctoral training Luiz joined Carl Nathan’s laboratory at the Weill Cornell Medical College (2006-2011), in New York, to explore the use of rational approaches to antibiotic research and learn about Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its interaction with the host. In addition to antibiotic research Luiz also contributed to the first applications of LC-MS-based metabolomics methods for functional genomics and system-level studies of M. tuberculosis with Kyu Rhee, also from WCMC.

In 2011 Luiz joined the MRC National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) to start a programme on metabolomics approach to enzyme function, mycobacterial-host metabolism and antibiotic research. In 2015 NIMR fused with the CRUK London Research Institute, which is now the Francis Crick Institute, London. In 2017 Luiz obtained tenure at the Francis Crick Institute.

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Social Activities

At the moment of registration you will be asked to choose between the following activities:
Guided Tour to Alpirsbacher Brewery
Panorama Bad in Freudenstadt

Poster and Talk Prizes

The best student talk and the two best posters will be awarded a prize.

Organizing Committee

María Fernández
Alex Dulovic
Cristina Barragán
Alba González
Julián Regalado
Sergio Latorre


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