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Life outside the institute

Yes, there is life outside the institute! Tübingen has a notable arts culture as well as nightlife. In addition to the full roster of official and unofficial university events that range from presentations by the university's official poet in residence to parties hosted by the student associations of each faculty, the town can boast of several choirs, theatre companies and nightclubs.

General information about events in Tübingen:

The Tübingen website of the Tübingen Reasearch Campus has detailled information about living in Tübingen, including shopping, sports, concerts, etc.


Downtown, there are two theaters showing mainstream movies: Blaue Brücke and Museum, with 3 screens each. Two of Blaue Brücke's screens were recently upgraded to 3-D technology (polarized light). There are two smaller theaters with only one screen each, showing mainly independent and alternative productions: Atelier and Arsenal. Here is a map with their locations.
Sometimes, movies are shown in the original language (marked OmU or OmEU), especially Tuesday and Saturday nights at Museum, but mostly they are dubbed and shown in German. Tübingen hosts two film festivals, for French and Spanish movies, and the Fantasy Filmfestival takes place in nearby Stuttgart. At these events, all films are shown in their original language. During two weeks in summer, there is an open air theater (weather permitting :).
Schedule at Currently playing at all four locations
Closest theater with English mainstream films is in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. Best reached by car. Their schedule.

Culture: Theater and Music (with live performers)

Landestheater Tübingen (LTT): Large, 3 stages, there's something going on every day. They also offer improvisation theater where the audience takes part ("Theatersport"). Sometimes English plays.
Zimmertheater Tübingen: Small, one stage, one-man-shows and stand-up comedy, also smaller plays, but everything in German (so far).

German-American Institute: Offers a library of English media (e.g. Fiction, Travel, DVDs), regular events, invited speakers, discussions ...
Classical concerts at the University of Tübingen
For more general pop and rock concerts visit Tübingen's Tourist Information for tickets. These concerts mostly take place in Stuttgart.


Stocherkahnrennen in Tübingen on the Neckar
There are several clubs and bars in Tübingen that offer regular and special events. Please use this link to partykel, the one-stop-shop for the goings on around town.
There are regular special events in Tübingen, e.g. Stadtlauf (city run), Nikolauslauf, markets (Christmas, Martini) and festivals (SWR3 Partynacht, Fasching, Stockerkahnrennen, Entenrennen). Please check the event calendar of the city for the current dates. Here are some links: ChocolART, Umbrisch-Provencalischer Markt


The only woe for many residents is the lack of large shopping centers, but the proximity and accessibility of nearby "outlet city" Metzingen and state capital Stuttgart more than make up for it. Stuttgart is the closest airport (STR) and public transportation throughout Tübingen and to the adjacent cities is very convenient.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

There are many bike paths and hiking trails in the Schönbuch nature reserve. Exploration of caves and rock climbing can be done on the nearby mountain range Schwäbische Alb, which you can see from our institute's terrace. Indoor sports are also possible. Here is a list of some places: