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Campus Career Day 2019 - 12-13th September

Are you in the middle of your PhD or Postdoc and planing the next steps of your career path? This year's Campus Career Day focuses on Alternative Career Paths, outside the conventional scientist in Industry and Academic environment.  
If you want aid in your decision process or are curious about this sort of alternative positions, you're welcome to join us for a two days event filled with various activities featuring a broad spectrum of speakers from different positions and scientific disciplines, including a plenary discussion, small group discussions, and meals with the speakers.
Finding your way

Companies Tour

We are looking for ways to connect students to the industry world and one powerful way is offering company tours. Company tours allow you to explore in-situ companies mission and facilities, direct networking with employees and a sense of working environment. 
This year, we are offering the possibility to visit several local innovative companies, more information will follow shortly.

Invited speakers