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Social Activities on campus

Friday Beer Hour

When having received an amusing e-mail, you know that it's time for the next beer hour! As a start into the weekend we meet every Friday at 5 p.m. on the terrace or inside the DevBiol building to review recent gossip on a more or less scientific level. These discussions are enhanced by good German beer, free juice and pretzels. Join us this week!

PhD Party

Once a year, after the PhD course, the first-year students have the honor of organizing a party for all PhD students at the institute. There are always food, drinks and music, but the details are up to the group that has just survived the PhD course together. Let's get wild!


When the days are getting longer and it is getting warmer outside (yes, this can happen in Germany!) the PhD students meet for a BBQ get-together at the barbecue pit behind the Max Planck House. A fantastic opportunity to meet your PhD fellows and to socialize!