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PhD Symposium and Seminars

PhD Symposium

Each autumn, a 2-day mini-symposium is held for all PhD students. Second year PhD students present their projects on posters while third year PhD students give brief talks. It provides irst year PhD students with an overview of ongoing PhD projects and challenges advanced students to hone their presentation skills.
MiKo (Wednesday Colloquium)
The MiKo seminars are part of our External Visitor Lecture Series covering all areas of biology. Invited speakers are established scientists with an outstanding research record. Find the current schedule here. PhD students are encouraged to suggest potential speakers (contact either the PhD coordinator or the PhD representatives). 
The PhD students coordinate the student lunch with the MiKo speaker.
DiKo (Tuesday Colloquium)
In the DiKo seminars directors, group leaders, post docs and advanced PhD students from our institutes present their current research.