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Tübingen is an old university town in the state of Baden-Württemberg; the university was founded in 1477 AD. The university and research institutions such as the Max Planck Campus make the city a young and lively one. Of its 83,000 inhabitants, about one quarter are students. Thus, there are a lot of cultural and entertainment venues that are normally only found in much larger cities.
Downtown is situated in the valley of the Neckar river, close to a nature reserve with many opportunities for outdoor activities. The beautiful old town makes a wonderful setting for modern as well as old-fashioned restaurants and bars, offering not only local Swabian specialties but a wide range of international cuisines.
The only woe for many residents is the lack of large shopping centers, but the proximity and accessibility of nearby "outlet city" Metzingen and state capital Stuttgart more than make up for it. Stuttgart is the closest airport (STR) and public transportation throughout Tübingen and to the adjacent cities is very convenient.
Even though Tübingen is a popular tourist destination, it also offers everything you expect for a high quality of life.
The science community in Tübingen has put together a website with detailed up-to-date information about moving to and living in Tübingen.