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Working on the cutting EDGE of biology

The EDGE track of the International PhD Program in the Biological Sciences addresses fundamental and often interconnected questions in the fields of evolutionary biology, developmental biology, genetics and ecology such as
  • What genes are the cause of specific mutations?
  • What genetic mechanisms allow organisms to adapt to environmental changes?
  • How are changes in behavior of an organism reflected in its body structure and function?
  • What are the cues that induce developmental changes?
  • How important is an individual variable in a constantly changing environment?
Twelve faculty members specializing in a broad range of approaches, techniques and model systems offer PhD students a variety of research projects. All students are part of the International PhD Program in the Biological Sciences.
If you are interested in applying, please visit the Applicant Info section. Direct applications to potential PhD advisors by qualified applicants are welcome any time. Just send an email with your CV directly to the faculty member of your choice:



Frank Chan

Genetics of adaptation in mice

Martin Bayer

Fertilization and embryogenesis in plants

Ruth Ley*

Gut microbiome science

Felicity Jones

Molecular mechanisms of adaptation and speciation in sticklebacks

Detlef Weigel*

Natural variation

Patrick Mueller

Systems biology of development in zebrafish



Ralf Sommer*

Integrative evolutionary biology in nematodes

Adrian Streit

Genetics in parasitic nematodes


* currently looking for PhD students
Associate Faculty no longer accepting new students at this institute
Gerd Jürgens