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Computational biology/Bioinformatics/Mathematical modeling track

The CBBI track of the International PhD Program in the Biological Sciences brings together specialists in maths, physics, computer science and various biological sciences to develop
  • approaches to process large amounts of data from proteomic, genomic and image analyses
  • mathematical models to understand complex biological processes
  • databases and data mining strategies
If you are interested in applying, please visit the Information for Applicants section. Direct applications by qualified applicants are welcome any time. Just send an email with your CV directly to the faculty member of your choice.

Hernán A. Burbano*

Herbarium genomics

Patrick Mueller

Systems biology of development in zebrafish

Felicity Jones*

Molecular mechanisms of adaptation and speciation in sticklebacks

Ralf Sommer*

Integrative evolutionary biology in nematodes

Oliver Kohlbacher

Method development in computational biology

Detlef Weigel*

Genetic and phenotypic diversity in plants

Andrei Lupas

Protein evolution

* Currently looking for PhD students
Associate Faculty no longer taking new students
Birte Höcker