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Soccer Tournament
The Soccer Tournament is a tradition of our institute that takes place since 2012. Each year during a warm spring or summer day in Tübingen, the PhD Representatives of Cybernetics, Intelligent Systems, DevBio, FML and IMPRS bring all the campus together by hosting the Campus Soccer Tournament for students and employees of the Max Planck institute.
Feel free to organise your own team (remember a cool name is mandatory!)
The Date of the next Soccer Tournament will be announced through e-mail, along with the team registration deadline. Lets play some soccer, we are in Germany after all!
Campus Career Day
Since 2011 our Campus Career Day focuses on either Academia, Industry or other not so traditional employment options that you could follow after the completion of you PhD. Every autumn the PhD representatives invite speakers that followed one of these employment options to share their experiences, answer student's questions, address concerns and why not, open opportunities for the future. The Career Day usually is a half day event that includes speakers' talks, a coffee brake, an open discussion with the students and finally a dinner between students and speakers in small groups.
Everyone in campus can participate, however the open spots are limited, especially the ones for the dinner. The main theme of each Career Day along with the date, the names of the speakers and the registration deadline, will be known to students and postdocs through email. The fastest students will get the spots!

Events organised by students

TIPP Retreat
Everyone needs to "retreat" from everyday life now and then, even in science. PhD students and Postdocs in the Max Planck institute do retreat as well! Every summer since 2009 the PhD representatives along with more students cooperate in order to organise a three days long retreat that takes place outside of Tübingen, in either quiet or exiting but never the less beautiful locations. During the retreat students can meet each other, communicate their science and bond in a relaxed atmosphere that promotes cooperation inside our institute. Students can also interact with the speakers invited, that are well established scientists who want to be close to students discussing not only science but also the life surrounding it! 
How does it work?
Every year the PhD representatives establish a student organisation committee for the retreat.
The dates are picked by all the students through an email questionnaire.
The speakers are proposed by all the students of the institute.
Each year 40 students can participate and each of them should present a poster, or give a 10min talk.
The details of each retreat are published in our webpage (you are here!), of course many emails will keep the students informed about any news regarding the TIPP retreat.
See you there people!!!
More details? Check the TIPP retreat now!