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Campus Career Day 2016

In today’s hyper-competitive world, it is never too early for a graduate student to start thinking about the next venture. Positions in academia and industry have traditionally been favoured by researchers. However, more opportunities than ever before are coming up in other areas where scientists can apply their skills.

This year’s theme for the Career Day aptly focusses on non-canonical career paths. The speakers for this event are experts in fields as varied as publishing, sales, management, venture capital, graphic design, and media. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn which new horizons can be explored by a new generation of investigators.

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Dhananjay (dhananjay.tate[at] or
Maria (maria.fernandez[at]
Dr. Virginia Schutte (Bremen, Germany)
Virginia is an ecologist who earned her PhD from the University of Georgia in 2014.  She worked in tropical mangrove forests for her dissertation research, and now works to connect the public with the science that will improve their lives. She manages projects and liaises with Tenure Chasers’ clients in Europe.
Samuel Hertig (Burgdorf, Switzerland)
Samuel Hertig received his education in Physics before getting his PhD in computational biology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). He combines his scientific background, extensive teaching experience and graphical skills to create a wide range of visual content, including infographics, figures, and animations for university outreach projects and publications in high-impact, peer-reviewed scientific journals. Currently he is the founder of Hertig Visualizations, a one-man-business in scientific visualization, infographics, and interactive web content.
Dr. Lars Knoch (Stuttgart, Germany)
Lars obtained his doctoral degree in nematode biology from the MPI for Developmental Biology in 2007. Lars has a wide-ranging experience in the sales arena in the life sciences industry, having worked for companies like Sigma-Aldrich and Cellectis. He currently leads a team of eight members and manages the Sales division for southern Europe at Sartorius GmbH, Stuttgart.
Dr. Andreas Schulze (Basel, Switzerland)
Andreas studied for his Ph.D. at the MPI of Biochemistry, Martinsried. He has a wide-ranging experience in the fields of management and consulting, and has held executive positions in numerous biotech, diagnostic and pharma companies.  He is a specialist in Strategy, Business Development and Finance. Currently, he is a Startup Coach at the Commission for Technology and Innovation, CH and Senior Partner at Marsa, a Swiss Corporate Finance boutique in Basel.
Dr. Barbara Janssens (Heidelberg, Germany)
Barbara graduated from the Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie, Belgium. Barbara worked as a Managing Editor of Biotechnology journal, before moving onto the DKFZ as a PhD career manager and group leader in the human resources dept. She was instrumental in setting up the Group for Career Advisors supporting Researchers in Europe (CARE). She specialises in management, career coaching publishing and editing.