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Molecular and Cellular Biology/Structural Biology/Biochemistry track

The complex processes underlying biological processes cannot be understood without a clear vision of the molecules involved. The topics addressed by the MCSB track labs include
  • the resolution of the structure of proteins individually and in complexes
  • the determination of the functional activity of proteins
  • the evaluation of the effects of changes in protein sequence and structure on cells
If you are interested in applying, please visit the Applicant Info section. Direct applications to potential PhD advisors by qualified applicants are welcome anytime. Just send an email with your CV directly the faculty member of your choice.
MCSB faculty

Marcus Hartmann

Structural biology

Oliver Weichenrieder

Retrotransposition & regulatory RNAs

Elisa Izaurralde*

Post-transcriptional gene regulation

John Weir*

Structural biochemistry of meiotic mechanisms

Andrei Lupas

Protein evolution

Associate Faculty no longer accepting new students at our institute
Fulvia Bono
Birte Höcker
Remco Sprangers
Silke Wiesner